cost of building a home swimming pool in kenya

cost of building a home swimming pool in kenya

Fibreglass pool kit come with pump filter cleaning e equipment. Vision to be the biggest and the best known nationwide swimming pool

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Swimming pools do not only add aesthetic value to a property it increases its worth. Indoor pool cost calculator. Good morning property landers please i need the cost of constructing and maintaining a mini swimming pool in a 100 50 ft land.

Generally the building and alteration costs to your home will cost anywhere from 800 to 2 000 per square metre while the cost of the pool will be around 1 500 to. For indoor pools you have a more complex range of factors in the cost including extending or altering your home in order to hold the pool as well as paying for the pool itself. You can also look through cape coast central region kenya photos by style to find a pool or spa you like then contact the local pool company who designed it.