fuel monitoring system in kenya

GPS fuel level sensor with fuel tank monitoring system for Car/truck/ship/taxi

Fuel Tank Monitoring System

Waterproof Digital Ultrasonic Fuel Oil Monitoring Level Sensor For Truck Car Vehicle With GPS GMS GPRS

1Working Voltage9~30VDC
2Power Consumption0.4W/12VDC
3Working Temperature-30℃~+75℃
4Storage Temperature-40℃~+85℃
5Working humidity5%~90%
6Measure RangeDepending on the material and thickness of the container;measure range 5~100cm for 5mm steel container, measure range 200cm for 6-7mm steel container
7Pressure Range≤0.8kg or 0.8MPa
10Explosion ProofExia Ⅱ CT6 ,Exd Ⅱ CT5
11Water ProofIP66
12ConnectionRS232,RS485, connect RS232 input port of gps tracker
13Communication connectionBPS 9600,no parity bit,8 parallel data bit,1 stop bit,No flow control.The value of the liquid level and the temperature measured by the sensor are measured in real time every 10S

Gps tracking ultrasonic wireless fuel level sensor for level monitoring remotely

Digital Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor With Gps Tracking for trucks fleet oil tanks fuel level monitoring

Multiple Digital Gps Capacitive Oil Diesel Fuel Level Sensor For Truck Tank

Multiple Digital Gps Capacitive Diesel Fuel Level Sensor For Truck Tank

Fuel level sensor for generator and truck fuel tank

 1. Product specification:

Utilizing magnetic field to control the reed on-off switch, the product features a long service life and
protection against vibration.