Swimming Pools

With a concrete pool, your options for shape, design, and finish are endless. Why not be different and add character with water features, LED lighting, and wet edges? If you are not looking for a standard shape, and rather want a swimming pool that is original, investing in a strong and durable concrete swimming pool will provide you with a design that is as unique as YOU are…
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kenya

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Are you interested in owning a swimming pool or want to build one for a commercial establishment or even a public facility? We are market leader in offering swimming pool construction and other services in Kenya

Saunas & Steam baths

We do stock all sizes of sauna heaters, steam baths, and fitting accessories, we also provide design and installation services for homeowners, hotels, and commercial health clubs.

Water Fountains & Water Features

We sell various types of water features accessories – water descents, jets nozzles, waterfalls for different formations, etc. including construction and installation works.

Jacuzzi Ecoliff

Jacuzzis/Hot Spas

We supply and install jacuzzis including accessories such as Jacuzzi jets, nozzles, control valves, Jacuzzi air pumps, and fitting accessories.

Pool Covers & Safety Nets

We stock blue and black pool covers of various models … heavy-duty types, and standard types. Blue and Black colors.

Pool covers provide many benefits to your swimming pool;

Heat retention – for heated pools, a thermal cover is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective.

Reduces evaporation – Because they are in direct contact with the water, thermal covers reduce evaporation by 98%+.

Convenience – The cover forms a barrier to avoid dirt and debris collecting in the water so the water is kept cleaner and pool maintenance is reduced.

Environmental benefits – Thermal covers reduce the carbon footprint of the swimming pool by using less energy to heat and clean the pool. The cover is water-wise too, given the resultant and significant reduction in evaporation. Chlorine dissipates in sunlight but with a thermal cover, such greenhouse gas emissions are reduced too.

Financial – Noteworthy household savings are made on power, chemicals, and water.

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Pool Equipment

We stock all kinds of swimming pool equipment, such as swimming pool sand filters, swimming pool water pumps, led swimming pool lights (wall mounted/underwater), swimming pool ladders, swimming pool water heaters, swimming pool cleaning systems, etc. Our products have obtained CE, Rohs, SGS, and other certifications.

Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kenya

  • Chlorine 65
  • Chlorine 90
  • PH Plus
  • PH Minus
  • Flocculant
  • Beach Clear
  • Strain Remover
Swimming Pool Chemicals