Ecoliff Pools is a premier supplier to the swimming pool & spa industry. We offer complete solutions for swimming pool equipment and accessoriesSteam BathsSaunas, and jacuzzaspool footwear,  for commercial and residential projects, from design and construction to installation. We are the best Swimming Pool Store in Nairobi Kenya today.

Our commitment to a holistic approach ensures that we are there with you every step of the way by creating space that is not merely for swimming but a unique space that brings the family together, a space that stands out from the rest of your property.

At Ecoliff Pools we offer and are dealers of the following products in Nairobi Kenya today. We are the best swimming pool store in Nairobi Kenya offering you quality swimming pool equipment and accessories at affordable prices:

  • Swimming Pool Equipment and Accessories
    Dive into a world of pool perfection with our wide range of swimming pool equipment and accessories. As a trusted swimming pool store in Kenya, we offer competitive prices on high-quality products from top dealers and suppliers. Find everything you need, from pumps to pool toys, all for sale at Ecoliff Pools.
  • Jacuzzi
    Experience luxury at its finest with our Jacuzzi collection. Ecoliff Pools, your trusted Jacuzzi dealer, brings you premium models for sale in Kenya. Elevate your relaxation with competitive prices and top-notch quality from the leading swimming pool store in the region.
  • Swimming Pool Footwear
    Stay stylish and safe by the pool with our swimming pool footwear. Discover comfortable options at affordable prices, exclusively at Ecoliff Pools, the top swimming pool store in Kenya. Trust our selection to keep you comfortable while you soak up the sun.
  • Sauna
    Indulge in the benefits of a sauna with our top-of-the-line steam bath equipment. Ecoliff Pools is your go-to supplier for quality saunas in Kenya, with competitive prices that ensure you get the best deal in town. Transform your home into a spa with our sauna options.
  • Steam Bath Equipment
    Enhance your wellness routine with our steam bath equipment. We’re your trusted supplier of steam bath products, providing competitive prices on top-quality items. Elevate your relaxation and health with the best steam bath equipment in Kenya, available at Ecoliff Pools.
  • Swimming Pool Pipes

    Upgrade your pool’s circulation and plumbing with our top-grade swimming pool pipes. Ecoliff Pools, the premier swimming pool store in Kenya, offers competitive prices on high-quality pool pipes. As trusted suppliers, we provide durable solutions that ensure efficient water flow and maintenance for your pool.

  • Water Fountains
    Transform your pool area into a captivating oasis with our stunning water fountains. Ecoliff Pools, your go-to source for pool accessories in Kenya, offers a variety of water fountains for sale. Elevate your pool’s ambiance with competitively priced, exquisite fountains that add a touch of elegance and serenity to your outdoor space.

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