Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity Edge Pools

The infinity edge pool, also known as a “vanishing” or “negative” edge pool, delivers the stunning effect of your pool water stretching endlessly toward the horizon.

If you have your heart set on a swimming pool that makes you feel as though you’re level with the horizon and delivers a view that could accurately be described as stretching from here to infinity, a luxurious infinity pool by Kenya’s leading infinity pool builders is the pool design for you. When you entrust the design and construction to Ecoliff Pools, you can rest assured that we’re managing every aspect of your project from the initial design phase through to completion. Unlike many swimming pool builders in Kenya, we have a faultless builder’s license record — we’re with you every step of the way.

Infinity Pool Costs

If you’re ready to take the plunge and put in a pool, the most luxurious option is surely one with an infinity edge. The average cost is Ksh 7,900,000 with an average range from KES 5,500,000 to $13,000,000. The base cost per square foot is about ksh8,000.

It probably goes without saying that a highly unique pool like this is going to be more complicated. From the design all the way through its construction, an infinity pool is definitely a lot more involved than a standard pool.

These pools – also known as negative edge, vanishing edge, or disappearing edge – are built to look boundless. Most owners want the edge to blend with the horizon, so having a good view helps. Water that spills over the edge goes into a catch basin and gets pumped back into the pool.

Infinity Edge Pool Design Features & Additions

  • Delivers the visual illusion of water flowing seamlessly into the distance
  • Can be installed on a flat or sloped yard
  • Create a cascading waterfall effect by building multiple levels

One of the most visually interesting and luxurious types of pools available today is the infinity pool. These are pools that have a vanishing edge, so it looks like it blends in seamlessly with the surroundings. They have a catch basin that is off the side of the pool with the infinity edge, which catches the water and then pumps it back into the pool.

Infinity Edge Pools Kenya

Finding Custom Pool Builders for Your Infinity Edge Pool

Given the complicated nature of an infinity edge pool, it’s important to choose the right custom pool builder for your project. It’s the type of project that could go disastrously wrong if designed or installed improperly. While you can search online for custom pool builders near me, you also want to be sure that you’ve thoroughly interviewed pool companies and chosen one that is equipped to handle the scope of this work.