Stay competitive with pool construction services, renovation, repairs, and upgrades.Overall, we provide pool construction services that include repairs, renovations, and equipment upgrades along with new pool construction for your property.

Pool Construction Services in Kenya
1 Pool Construction Services in Kenya

Concrete Pools

Are you thinking about buying a pool? Let Quality Pools design your dream pool and outdoor area with their exclusive landscaping design service.

With a concrete pool, your options for shape, design, and finish are endless. Why not be different and add character with water features, LED lighting, and wet edges? If you are not looking for a standard shape, and rather want a swimming pool that is original, investing in a strong and durable concrete swimming pool will provide you with a design that is as unique as YOU are.

Types of Swimming Pools in Kenya

There are basically, 4 types of swimming pools in Kenya namely

  1. Acrylic pools – They are the newest trend and latest technology in swimming pool construction
  2. Concrete pools– These are pools where the shell is made from reinforced concrete
  3. Fibreglass pools or Resin– Are made from prefabricated fiberglass-reinforced plastic which is molded into a basin shape either on-site or off-site.