swimming pool cost kenya

The average cost to build a swimming pool in Kenya

The average cost to build a swimming pool ranges from Ksh 1 million – 2o million kenyan shillings . However, the size of the swimming pool, add-ons like pool lights, decks, and heating systems can also increase the swimming pool costs. Our top pool installation experts have given us a rough guide of the cost to build a swimming pool based on the most common sizes. 

Factors Affecting The Cost To Build A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. They have different filter systems and cleaning techniques which all impact the overall cost of building a swimming pool.

There are several different types of pool coverings available, which serve different functions. A leaf cover is made of shade cloth and is safe for pets but not children. Pool covers can insulate your pool and therefore extend the swimming season considerably by raising the temperature of the water by as much as eight degrees. The only option for keeping children safe, however, is a net.

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