Swimming pool Designs

Swimming pool Designs

Are you planning to have a swimming pool within the vicinity of your home in the Kenya?

Look no further Ecoliff pools EA with over 20 years experience will do that for you.

Nowadays, people are no longer happy with just the standard rectangular shaped swimming pool design. We have our creative swimming pool design team who plan out the appropriate swimming pool shape as per the space available. Some shapes that we offer as swimming pool designs are,

  • Oval Swimming Pool Design
  • Custom Swimming Pool Design
  • Grecian Swimming Pool Design
  • Round Swimming Pool Design
  • Roman Swimming Pool Design
  • L Shaped Swimming Pool Design
  • Kidney Swimming Pool Design
  • Lazy L Swimming Pool Design
  • Figure 8 Swimming Pool Design

We have a team of experts who strive to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations and turn their dreams into reality. We can construct swimming pools of any size and area as per your requirements.

We are specialized in designing of swimming pool, fountains and water body. We have best experienced team in design department who are able to provide best unique and innovative design regularly.

We Can Design

• Swimming Pool
• Olympic & Semi Olympic Size Competition Pool
• Artificial Lakes
• Fountains
• Jacuzzi / Steam / Sauna
• Water Body
• Outdoor Fish Pond
• Landscape
• Sport Surface / Kids Water Play

We supply swimming pool accessories swimming pool filtration system. Pool cover – automatic/semi-automatic. Heating & cooling equipment.

We Can Supply

• Swimming Pool Accessories
• Swimming Pool Filtration System
• Pool Cover – Automatic / Semi-Automatic
• Heating & Cooling Equipment
• Sport Surface / Kids Water Play

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