swimming pool renovation in kenya

swimming pool renovation in kenya

Renovations are needed on inferior built pools by other contractors or when deterioration of pool products occurred over a lengthy period of time.

It’s truly a pleasure to have a swimming pool on your property, but there are times when you rue the fact as well; the fact is that some issues may surface from time to time and dealing with them can be quite a time-consuming and tedious task. In some cases, the pool may spring a leak, while in others there may be a leak in the piping. Though above-ground pipe leaks aren’t difficult to fix, there are times when fixing hidden leaks in a Ecoliff pool may be difficult to tackle. This makes it important for you to hire the services of an experienced company like Ecoliff

The importance of swimming pool repair

Over time, the plaster of a Ecoliff will need repairs as there may be racking, chipping or hollow spots in some areas. The plastering may also show some wear over time and cracks may appear. Though these cracks may sometimes be caused by wear, at times incorrect reinforced steel installation may be the reason for it.

The repair process

Ecoliff Pools has outlasted product guarantees by doing successful business for the past 15 years

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