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For all swimming pool construction, repairs, equipment, and maintenance.

We sell and supply all materials for swimming pool construction design and we construct at affordable prices according to clients’ considerations and budget

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When we say we are the best swimming pool construction company in Kenya, we mean it. We lead the leaders. Engage our creative minds today, and we will without a doubt, transform your home into a masterpiece. Building swimming pools is in our DNA. We have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Whether you want and infinity edge pool, a deck level pool, a free board pool, a free form pool, a laguna pool, or a geometrical pool, we will exceed your expectations when we commission the pool. We are Ecoliff and building swimming pools is our core business.


All you need to know about swimming pool construction, including costs, process, and details to build a swimming pool in Kenya?

we offer design-build solutions for residential, institutional, and public swimming pools of all sizes and shapes.

Our concrete pools offer greater design flexibility than the fiberglass pools. We construct any size, style, or shape. This makes the concrete pool ideal for more challenging sites such as clients with limited space, narrow blocks, and hillside locations.


Get a professional to the site, there has to be a physical assessment of the site to know exactly what is to be done.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial pool, we construct your swimming pool to be as uniquely individual as you are, because there are many different shapes, styles, features, and materials to choose from.  We offer the finest craftsmanship, top quality materials as well as attention and care to detail. You can rest assured your pool is constructed to be as completely original as you, highly functional with any leakages, defects, or failure, and 100% warrantied.

Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

The ultimate water feature to have in your compound is a swimming pool.
swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes, from kidney-shaped, oval, round, geometric, rectangular, and square, the list is endless.
however, there are two main types of pools that are done locally, we have the freeboard pool, deck level pool, or overflow pools. a freeboard pool has a water level between four and six inches from the top.
deck level and overflow pools, on the other hand, have the water level right at the edge; such that any displacement of water causes it to overflow.

horizon and infinity pools are part freeboard and part deck level to give an illusion of endless water. they are usually sloped to have the water level below the edge on one side and flowing over on the other.