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Ecoliff Pools is a premier supplier to the swimming pool & spa industry. We offer complete solutions for swimming pools, Steam, Saunas, and Jacuzzi for both commercial and residential projects from design, and construction to installation and beyond.

Our commitment to a holistic approach ensures that we are there with you every step of the way by creating space that is not merely for swimming but a special space that brings the family together, a space that stands out from the rest of your property.

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The Best Swimming Pools in Kenya

Ecoliff EA Pools Kenya About Us

With a concrete pool, your options for shape, design, and finish are endless. Why not be different and add character with water features, LED lighting, and wet edges?

Saunas & Steam baths

We do stock all sizes of sauna heaters, steam baths, and fitting accessories, we also provide design and installation services for homeowners, hotels, and commercial health clubs.

Water Fountains & Water Features

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We sell various types of water features accessories – water descents, jets nozzles, waterfalls for different formations, etc. including construction and installation works.

Jacuzzis/Hot Spas in Kenya

Jacuzzi Ecoliff

We supply and install jacuzzis in Nairobi and entire Kenya, including accessories such as Jacuzzi jets, nozzles, control valves, Jacuzzi air pumps, and fitting accessories.

Swimming Pool Covers and Safety Nets

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We stock blue and black swimming pool covers and safety nets of various models … heavy-duty and standard types in Kenya. The swimming pool covers for every need.

Swimming Pools Equipment in Kenya

Pool Filters

We stock all kinds of swimming pool equipment’s, such as swimming pool sand filter, swimming pool water pump, led swimming pool light

Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kenya

Swimming Pool Chemicals

At Ecoliff we are suppliers of swimming pool chemicals including the following, Chlorine 65, Chlorine 90, PH Plus, PH Minus, Flocculant, Beach Clear, Strain Remover, etc

“My pool now looks great after completion last weekend. Peter’s team worked late and started early, did a great job”

“Their motivation and direction.”

Jeff Spegel. Nairobi